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Thursday, 18 April 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day1

I have reached a hiatus with work so am setting myself a 30 day drawing challenge. There are lots of these lists available online but I might make some adjustments here and there as some of the topics are just plain stupid.

Here is my Self portrait for Day 1.
Here is the Basic list of things to draw
  1. Yourself
  2. Favorite Animal
  3. Favorite Food
  4. Favorite Place
  5. Best Friend
  6. Favorite Book Character (non movie)
  7. Favorite Word
  8. Favorite Animated Character
  9. Favorite TV Show
  10. Favorite Candy
  11. Turning point in your life
  12. Most recent accomplishment
  13. Comic
  14. Favorite Fairytale
  15. Family Picture
  16. Inspiration
  17. Favorite Plant
  18. Just a doodle (shapes, lines, non-descript)
  19. Something wild
  20. Something pink
  21. A wish
  22. Something you find scary
  23. Something you find beautiful
  24. A couple
  25. Landscape
  26. Something you don’t like
  27. Something you love
  28. ? (Free draw)
  29. Something un-real
  30. Congratulations Banner

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